Enterprise Solution

Prima Solusi works closely with other software product providers to bring advanced technologies and methodologies to our customers. We choose best of breed products and concepts that bring in innovative methods, reliable and scalable technology and a competent and dedicated team for servicing and support.
The solutions we offer and present here have been researched well and our team has built expertise for their successful implementation.
Some of our partners' solutions that we offer and assist customers in their evaluation and implementation include -
Electronic Document Management
  • Electronic and paper-based documents management
  • Store, search and retrieve digital version of most any document
  • Remote document access
  • Customer self-care
CCM Business Edition
  • Create high-volume output for both print and digital communications
  • View documents and outbound communications to a customer
  • Manage accounts and payments
  • Generate real-time and interactive correspondance
  • Provide personalized 1-to-1 marketing content
  • Manage, maintain and mobilize information assets across operational channels
Data Flow
  • Turn data from disparate sources into actionable information
  • Combines ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), EII (Enterprise Information Integration) and BI (Business Intelligence) in a single-source
  • Connect to any source of structured data
  • Merge multiple sources
Contract To Cash Automation
  • Managing sales contract commitments
  • Contract to Cash pipeline visibility
  • Automated cash flow, recognized revenue, invoicing forecasts