ERP Implementation

An Enterprise Resource Planning implementation is the need of today's technology and business areas. ERP solutions help in automating the business activities and speed up the transactions across the organizations. Reston is aware of the need of the hour, and therefore has arranged services for providing efficient and customized ERP solutions implementation.
Reston gives the facility of ERP outsourcing to the clients. We will be your outsourcing partners providing you constant support and maintenance to the ERP solution tailored for you. Also, we will provide you with more solutions for the entire ERP development and implementation life cycle. We are aware that ERP solutions cost a lot, and we not only have good expertise but also have a good planning to minimize the costly risks in ERP implementation.
Reston will develop an application, which is best suitable for your kind of business and work environment. We develop high-quality ERP solutions, which are cost-effective and according to your calculated budget. We consider ERP solutions as the best possible way of giving endless results to your business by -
  • Facilitating up to date decision making
  • Saving lot of time and resource in integrating the different business functions
  • Avoiding the gap between the demand an service providing capability of your organization
  • Increasing the efficiency in achieving goals, objectives and targets
  • Establishing better communication channels among the various departments of the organization
Reston takes the challenge of ERP implementation, aware of its capabilities as an ERP service provider. We make sure that our client has the best ERP solutions implemented in the organization. Reston not only has the right capabilities, but proper security systems and infrastructure to implement the ERP solutions.
Industry Segments
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • HRMS
  • Retail
ERP Platforms
  • Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
CRM SolutionsThe CRM solutions implemented by Reston provide organizations with an effective means to increase customer loyalty and profitability. At Reston, we assist organizations, across domains, in implementing, customizing & integrating CRM systems with your existing processes. Our CRM solutions enable organizations to better understand and analyze customer needs and behaviors in order to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with customers. The CRM solutions developed by Reston are designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by building customer loyalty. A detailed study and analysis of clients' requirements and their business processes, by our CRM consultants, enable us to tailor our solutions in a manner so as to provide them with the best possible solution.
Customer Relationship Management enables organizations to manage and maintain relationships with their existing as well as potential customers. CRM is customer-centric and ensures that company policies match customers' needs. CRM systems are applications that can be used to gather and share information, about customers, across relevant functional departments such as sales, marketing & customer service ensuring that customer requirements are fulfilled. The information stored in the system can be analyzed and assessed to identify customers and personalize interactions with them, resulting in greater customer loyalty and thus leading to increased profitability.
CRM Platforms
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Open Source CRM Solution.