Sub-Contracting & IT Talent Recruitment

Reston has valuable expertise and past performance in providing Information Technology Consultants to both private sector as well as Federal Government clients. Our process is pretty simple - after winning the contract we work with our internal staff as well as a few key outside vendors to fulfill critical requirements with the best people using the best knowledge. We currently offer high-value consultant services for a variety of market leading technology firms. Our consultants help our customers achieve strategic Information Technology goals while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Whether this involves the full development of applications from the ground-up or simply the need for additional resources to work with your team, we can help you.
We specialize in providing expert software architects, designers and developers who can manage and deliver a project on time and within budget. Our team consists of experienced professionals with strong business and technology backgrounds. By emphasizing on providing the right knowledgeable people, our commitment is to make your project successful and cost-effective.
To streamline the placement process, we use a suite of in-house talent management tools that enable us to find, qualify, and deploy the highest value consultants possible. This software suite enables full scale automation for time tracking, billing, and invoicing which allows our customers to focus on their projects and not on paperwork.
With Prima Solusi, your work is made easier.